The birth of Brighton & Hove LGBT Geeks

Brighton and Hove LGBT Geeks was first dreamt up in June 2014 by an American residing in Brighton, England. His idea was to create a group formed of like minded individuals, with the aim of making this a social group comprised of LGBT people who were more interested in talking about fandoms than trying to get off with each other. The first meetup occurred in July of 2014, I was fresh out of a break up of a 13 year relationship, I was hurting and isolated and looking for a new group of like minded friends. B&HLGBT Geeks came into my life when I needed it the most. There were four people at the first meet up, Robert, the founder, Nils, a lovely Swedish guy, who has sadly now departed back to Sweden, Bel, a lesbian and SciFi fan, and myself, a Fanfic  obsessed introvert, at a lo9cal coffee house.

The first meet up was a resounding success, and from there the group grew, we went on cinema nights, with discussion, a.k.a ripping apart plot holes, in a local gay bar afterwards, we went out to dinner, and continued our coffee meet ups.

Six months after our first meet up, our founder had to return to America for family emergencies, this is when I took over the reigns. Hopefully we have grown from strength to strength, we now have over 260 members, we recently celebrated our 2 year anniversary.

I am so proud of what we have become, and the changes in me since the first meet up, this has truly been a joy to be a part of.